Digital Delights & Digital Dangers with the Anglo-Bavarian Club Munich e.V. & Paul Smith

How is “Digitization” shaping the way we see, think, and behave, and what can “digital natives” still learn from the last analogue generation?

Wednesday 25th APRIL  18.30 – 22.00

Königssaal, Hotel Bayerischer Hof, MUNICH

In this entertaining and interactive talk, ABC member Paul Smith shares insights from the digital frontier and reveals some surprising secrets about perception, diversity, and choice in an increasingly connected world.


Opportunity and Dependence

How technology is shaping the way we see,  think, and behave, and why Elon Musk is betting on Neuralink.

50 Shades of Analogue

Digital immigrants, digital natives, digital deniers, and generation Alpha. Lessons from the last analogue generation.

Diversity and Trust

How many facebook friends or LinkedIn contacts do we need? Human limits to social interaction.

Luck is No Accident 
The importance of serendipity  in an IoT connected world dominated by big data and AI.

Paul Smith M.A. (RCA)

Paul Smith studied corporate design and holds a master’s degree in visual communication from London‘s Royal College of Art. After graduating, he worked on educational technology programmes for The Open University, System Research, Cambridge Consultants, and Ferranti‘s Brain Sciences Research Project. An experienced trainer and workshop/conference facilitator, Paul is also a popular speaker on the subjects of innovation and change. His book “German Secrets” is a light-hearted guide to German business and culture.

Ticket price € 45,00 includes, Presentation / Show, Dinner, and Special Exhibition. Pre-dinner drinks will be sponsored by the Club.

Location: Königssaal, Bayerischer Hof, Wednesday 25 April 2018, 18:30 – 22.00.

Limited Places

Please register by 19.04.18 including the number of your guests to:

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Hamish Douglas,